DO and Don’t List when visiting Bali

When you are visiting a country or a place, there always be a rule bound to you, a rule that doesn’t punish you by law, but more to morality, as in Bali, there are many rules which bound the local. Some of those rules indirectly bound to someone who visits Bali. Okay, I’ve chosen some important things what you should do or don’t during your holiday in Bali.

Entering Temple

In Bali, Temple is the most sacred place, remember this is a serious matter and should be treated seriously. Always wear a sarong and sash if you don’t bring one, usually they have prepared it at the entrance, just ask your guide for it. If there are people praying, Do not walk in front of them. Never sit higher than the priest or take a picture of the priest without asking permission. Women are not allowed entering a temple during menstruation and anyone with a bleeding wound is also not allowed to enter the temple. Balinese Hindu people are really respecting their culture and religion!

On Street

As Bali is an island of a thousand of temples, almost every day there will be a ceremony. Therefore, when you are renting a car or motorbike, please try to Respect the slow pace of a ceremony. When you get stuck behind  for instance, don’t ever honk! or shout out loud.

Always wear a helmet when riding a motorbike, as there are many motor bikes in Bali, it is safe for you to wear one. Remember, before renting a motorbike or a car; make sure you have your international license with you otherwise you will get a penalty from the local police.

Don’t forget to look and listen while you cross the road. Cars may stop, motorbikes may not! Also when you drive…be extra careful….not just humans who always cross the street suddenly but lots of dogs, sometimes goat or cows do.


When you meet people in Bali, make sure Don’t ever touch peoples’ heads even a cute child, as it is considered offensive (if you know them already perhaps it will be fine. But this is about how we respect others. In Bali, head plays an important role and considered as a holy part of body).

Don’t use your left hand in sacking with other people or handing over something to someone as it is considered impolite. If there is no other option then express your apology.


When traveling around, it is not complete if you cannot buy merchandise for your relatives, and it is a must to bargain if you want to try to get cheaper prices? Haggle when buying (except on price-tagged goods or in big department store). But mostly, especially in traditional art markets (which sell from small merchandise to paintings), you could bargain crazily (sometimes as much as 50% or more). ^_^


Never ever bring or use drugs as the death penalty is waiting if you do it.

Drink Water

As Bali is tropical island, it is sometimes hotter than most of tourist homelands who visit Bali (in some places in Bali), therefore Drink a lot of bottled water as you may get sweat easily and need more water to drink (it is mostly hot even in the night, especially if you go around Kuta and seeing or joining all the parties, also most important thing, Never ever drink Tap Water!!!!….Buy and drink from a trusted brand bottled water. Drinking a tap water is free, but it will cost you a lot as you might get a stomachache after drinking the water if you do not get used to it ,

Okay, the above list has been compiled to help you enjoying more your time during your stay in Bali. Should you have any further concerns about something related to this article and are not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries that you may have.

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