Pandawa Beach

Bali Tour was known as Kutuh beach, This “newly found” beach is located in Kutuh Village, a small village in the southern part of Bali which is famous for its seaweed farming. The beach can be accessed by driving down through an enormous human-made quarry-like ravine in central Bukit. The beach will be another tourist destination in the southern part of Bali, besides the Tanjung Benoa beach and Uluwatu temple. and yes, Pandawa Beach is still clean and pure. the water here is very clean, you can even see the bottom of the sea. the sea rocks wall are fantastic.

It is the newest beach, a 20 minutes-drive from Garuda Wisnu Kencana and has been developed by Badung Regency in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District which formerly known as ‘secret beach’ because lays behind the two cliffs with poor access with seaweed farming. Now the stunning panorama with serene and quiet atmosphere can be accessed easily through 1.5 kilometers flanking cliff cut road by big buses, but the beautiful white sandy and clean beach which suitable for swimming is not secret anymore. Paragliding can be done at Timbis Hill, not far away from the Pandawa Beach. There is no hotel or motel nearby the beach and access road area, because it is still new and some people in Kutuh are still reluctant to build it perhaps because of the cliffs.

Pandawa Beach boasts white sand, quiet and serene atmosphere and many opportunities to grab the phenomenal sunrise and sunset views from the greatest angles. You can also see the Pandawa statues where many visitors usually take their pictures with them. This beach is also well-known as one of the landing locations for paragliding tours. The Beach  is a “newly found” and built. For now there are only few tourists who have visited this beach.

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