Uluwatu Half Day Tour Packages

Uluwatu Tour is a Full-Day Tour whose main attraction is to visit Uluwatu Temple where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the cliff. The tour will be continued by visiting some beaches. These beaches are well known because of its beautiful views. The tour will be ended by enjoying a sunset at Uluwatu temple and enjoy a dinner at Jimbaran Bay. You will see a great view while tasting a delicious seafood dish at Jimbaran Bay. There is also a performance that you can watch during your Uluwatu tour. The performance you will enjoy is kecak dance which is well known by the visitors.

Place of Interest : 

Dreamland Beach

1.1288854614.dreamland-beachDreamland Beach is located in the southern part of Bali named Pecatu. It is surrounded by high cliffs and rocks. You can also see the beautiful sunset besides white sand and the cliffs. The beach is equipped with basic accommodation and cafes for surfers and day-trippers. Dream land beach is now known as New Kuta Beach. If you like surfing, then this beach is very suitable for you. The wave here is high, therefore it is well known for another surfing spot in Bali

Padang – Padang Beach

padang-padang-beachPadang Padang Beach is located at Jalan Labuhan Sait, Pecatu village, not far from the famous Uluwatu temple. The entrance to the beach to pass through a kind of limestone cave inlet down provides its own nuance. It is free to come here, the beach is smaller than New Kuta Beach and the sea is so calm, so some of the native with their family frequent to swim here, but still ample of space. Since Julia Roberts came for the film Eat Pray Love, the name of Padang-Padang Beach was the one who started the fore. Feel the atmosphere in here by yourself!

Uluwatu Temple

uluwatu temple bali tourUluwatu temple – also known as Pura luhur Uluwatu is a Balinese sea temple built on the cliff. Surrounded by the sea where it offers you a gorgeous view while staying in here. You will also see monkeys along the road to the temple. However, you need to be careful wit
h the monkeys. most of them are like stealing anything glittery. A sign at the entrance warns visitors to stow away their jewelry, eyeglasses, and other valuables to make sure the monkeys don’t get to them first. Yet, they are also funny sometimes.

especially when you see how they take care their babies or play with their friends.  Pura Luhur Uluwatu is a Balinese sea temple in Bali. It was built in the 11th century, The temple is one of nine directional temples, which is meant to protect Bali from evil spirits. Uluwatu temple is located in Pecatu village, Kuta South District of Badung Regency of Bali. Uluwatu temple is one of top list destination in Bali, most of guests will ask about this temple. The temple has a great ocean view, there are 2 sides where we can see the view in this temple; from north or south. This Bali tourism spot also known as its Kecak dance show. The Dance is the most interesting part of the temple complex, however, the dance only started at night.

What should you bring :

  • Camera for taking a pictures
  • Money, if you want to buy something.
  • Don’t wear any jewelry  ( Earring , necklace, or any removable and valuable thing during your visit atUluwatu temple)

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